Chalupa, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Crunchwrap supreme and Doritos Locos Tacos.  

These are some of the the popular items at Taco bell and also some of my favorite words.

Why it is one of my favorite brands

My ULTIMATE favorite food brands is Taco Bell. As a lover of cheap Mexican and spicy food Taco Bell has been one of my fast food favorites over the years. Not only do I like food but I have always been a fan of their advertising methods and visual appearance. Taco bell uses the appeal of vibrant colors in their ads to attract  customers. As stated in this week’s lesson on the color emotion guide, the color purple in advertising means creativity. And if Taco Bell is anything, it’s creative.

 Why Taco Bell is successful in using IMC

For years, Taco Bell has maintained a strong brand presence through many different channels. As the definition of Integrated Marketing Communications states it’s the process of unifying and streamlining brand experience for consumers brand. IMC also builds relationships with customers and stakeholders. Throughout the years it has remained relevant by producing humorous commercials, making innovative products and come up with slogans that were marketed well and stuck with consumers. Taco Bell always has a colorful campaigns when promoting their items. One thing that I noticed about a majority of the items that Taco Bell promotes is that they always have a strong adjective in the name title like their XXL Grilled Stuft burritos, Spicy Cheesy Core burrito, Loaded Potato Griller. I think this is very smart on their part because they entice customers with just the name of the product.


As far as traditional media goes Taco Bell has its strongest presence in commercials. Here’s a classic ‘90s  flashback:

Anyone with a television in the mid to late ‘90s knew this phrase. It became popular with children, teens adult and it increased the awareness to Taco Bell and their products. Taco Bell still succeeds in airing these type of commercials. One of the most recent items Taco Bell promoted, the Quesalupa, had great examples of cross platform promotion. Taco Bell picked a great opportunity to begin promotion-Superbowl 50. The campaign stated that the premiere of the Quesalupa and compared it to be bigger than different items. They encouraged consumers to try the product and then use the hashtags #quesalupa and #biggerthaneverything express their reaction  on social media.The only promotion aspect of traditional media that Taco Bell could work on would be promotion through mail. I rarely see any Taco Bell flyers in the mail compared to the nearly week flyers I receive for any other fast food restaurant. I think they would get more business and awareness promotion spread with other audiences.


Taco Bell can also contribute their success in IMC by constantly keeping  customers engaged with different deals and combos. They constantly changing five buck box, new creative items, and the always humorous sauce packet sayings. They do a great job of keeping up with the image of creativity. 

taco_bell_featured_box taco-bell-menu_breakfast_2015_e04


After the Yo Quiero Taco Bell dog commercial days were over, Taco Bell has maintained popular slogans and catchphrases. Starting with Think outside the bun which later transitioned to into Live Mas.

screen-shot-2014-06-30-at-10-11-22-pm 117225-taco-bell-live-mas

Social Media Channels and Their Success

Taco Bell has maintained a social media dominance for a few years.  By making the product the message Taco Bell succeeds in product promotion.  Their most popular channel is Twitter. They have an active response team and updates this platform most often. Through the original promotion of the Doritos Los Tacos had its own hashtag #dlt and #dlt4life which are still popular on Twitter. During one year Taco Bell’s social media growth on Facebook increased 42%.  Like most companies, Taco Bell also has adapted a strong presence on Snapchat. Recently, they even had its own taco head filter.

taco-bell-snapchat taco-bell-twitter

The final piece of Taco Bell’s Social Media dominance was introduced in 2014 when they released their app.  The mobile app includes an online ordering feature, store locations, a menu with  descriptions of the food, social media updates, rewards and offers. The mobile app increases Taco Bell’s online presence and the keep them connected with their millennial audience. I believe Taco Bell will continue to have great promotions for its products and I look forward to any future campaigns they have to offer.