The purpose of the Tampa Bay Arts and Education Network app is to give Tampa Bay viewers access to everything that the city and Tampa Bay Arts and Education Network has to offer. The three characters in the TBAE app customer profile describes three possible target consumers.

End User Profile


The first character Cherrise Snow represents the older range of the millennial market targeted for the app.  She is computer literate, college educated and is finally in a job that fits her field. Her job is to find stories regarding culture, art, history, education and music events all around Tampa and possibly Clearwater/St. Petersburg. When she finds a story she goes out to shoot, film, edits it herself, writes a news story then and promote her story on social media. She gets a majority of her news and information from online news sources, event calendars and social media. She would use the TBAE app for finding upcoming events to write her pieces about. She brings recognition to the app by reviewing the it then writes a piece recommending the product to viewers.

Economic Buyer Profile


The second character profile is Jennifer Stark. She represents the range of app users that falls in the Generation X age range.  She excels in team leading and building skills and is able to separate her busy home and work life.  The best way to describe her would be an educated working parent.  She would be able to use the TBAE app to get information for both her job and personal life. The TBAE app provides deals and a list of local events that she could take her children to. She can also use the app as a possible outlet for her clients to promote on and to find   upcoming events and companies that need promoting.

Technical Buyer Profile


The final character Geoffrey Thomas represents the older range of app users with technology experience. He has IT experience and is currently a Senior Security specialist for software. He likes to learn everything possible about a new topic to make sure he fully understands it.  He would evaluate the app’s performance including the live video streaming, user comments, location services and on demand videos. He would be able to determine how easy the app is to use, how quick it operates and test the app’s security. Geoffrey would also be able to give the app a performance review and somehow relay the results to other users. Besides giving the app a performance review, Geoffrey would be able to use the TBAE app for his personal use. By using the search customization on the app, he would be able to view all events and videos related to art and history.