The previous TBAE website was recently hacked by Muslim Radicals. So the website currently being rebuilt and the content is unavailable for screenshots.  All searches and articles are being redirected to the Facebook page.

What Push and Pull techniques do these brands use on-site and off-site?

Tampa Bay Arts and Education Network has a stronger push marketing presence than pull marketing. TBAE sends out monthly email to subscribers about the upcoming events like live tapings, scheduled programming and request for sponsorship from our viewers.  There is also social media posts daily about the content on the channel.

Mobile friendly?

The website was mobile friendly. Although, there could be some improvements made to the mobile layout. This can be changed with the new website design. The text on the old website was too large for a mobile version. It would be better to have an app like layout for the mobile page. Similar to the competitor’s FOX 13 mobile radar app with a drop down menu.


Sharing/social share buttons?

Yes, the previous website had social media links to our Facebook and Twitter pages. However, it did not have sharing links for our articles to other social media sites. The link was just copied and pasted into the social media post.

What are some recommendations you have for improving the site from an IMC/branding point of view?

After comparing the competition and TBAE’s website I have some suggestions for improvements for the future site. FOX 13 had more consumer engaging aspects that TBAE could mimic and improve for their target market. For instance, readers have the quick option of reacting to a particular sentence in an article and there are links to related stories listed underneath. TBCNOW had very helpful information like TV job links and community coverage. However, the website did not feature any content that could engage their viewers.  Both sites did feature an immediate call to action to view their social media pages.



To start off the new website should add more ways to share stories through social media links. On the FOX 13 website and app it was very simple to share articles. Also, TBAE should make all social media site links that we have including our Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest accounts available to the public. This can bring more awareness to TBAE posts and programming. To improve with pull marketing, TBAE could create more banner ad type advertising for upcoming programs and have more incoming feedback from viewers.