Filmmaker Spotlight Carousel Ad

The campaign I chose for this week’s assignment promotes TBAE’s Filmmaker Spotlight series. Filmmaker Spotlight is an annual series that features selected films from the Gasparilla International Film Festival in Tampa. The films air on TBAE network every Thursday at 8 p.m. during the fall. The films once were able to be viewed on demand on the website. Since the website is down at the moment, no call to action website links were included. Had the site been up, I would have included the link to part of the page that includes the channel’s on demand videos. I chose to create the ad with pictures of the promotional flyers for the previously aired films. If the ad would have been published, I would have included future films. The ads are a quick and easy way to give the viewers an idea of what to expect in the film and information about the film sponsors. Below are the images I used and the information that would accompany the ad explaining what Filmmaker Spotlight is and when it can be watched on the network. 


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Audience Information and Interests

The films shown for Filmmaker Spotlight would fit the target audience of males and females with ages ranging from 15-65+. The ratings for the films span from G to PG-13 so it’s appropriate for that age span. TBAE’s current audience are mainly 35+ in age and watch the fine arts programs. This carousel ad would be able to reach the younger audience and possibly interest them to watch the films. The location is set for Tampa because that’s the only city where the channel can be viewed. For interests, I added  film making, Indie Film, video production, arts and entertainment to market to any local filmmakers in the Tampa area.


Budget and Duration of the Ad

Since TBAE is a non-profit organization and there is the expense of daily operation for running the network, the budget the allotted  would be $150 to 200. With the daily content that we publish the post reaches span from about 150-200 people on it’s own. I think the promotion of the carousel ads would actually increase the daily hits more than the estimated amount.  The duration of the ad would span longer than the pictured 28 days since the Filmmaker Spotlight series last through December. So  what could be done is a change of promotional flyers and content each month that the forecasts the upcoming films being shown that month.


Mobile Version and Thoughts

Overall, I like the idea of having carousel ads for promotion. I have personally been a fan of the carousel ads since I first began to notice them on Facebook. They help to keep the customer engaged and allows for more than one message or image to be shown at once. Also, like stated in Get the Most Out of the Carousel Format  the ads can highlight multiple features of one product. In this case the product is the Filmmaker Spotlight series and the highlighted features are the film flyers with a synopsis. The only thing I would like to see improved is the preview section for the ad which was slow moving each time I typed in content and did not provide a larger or separate section for a preview.