I have always been a fan of celebrity entertainment news even at a young age. As I got older I transitioned from entertainment newspaper sections and magazines to online sites. A blog that I have followed for years is TMZ. I would not have thought that TMZ would be considered a blog but after this week’s lecture it fits the news blog category and is the second most popular blog site in October 2016.

The Purpose, What Makes Them Unique and Brand Reflection

TMZ posts daily and frequent posts about the latest celebrity news. The site was launched in November 2005 and was initially launched through AOL which is now Time Warner. The site has expanded to different sections.There is TMZ Sports that follows the personal lives of athletes and big sports news. Also, TMZ offers a live show that is broadcast on both the site and on television. The brand TMZ often receives a negative tie to being a gossipy paparazzi website because of their style of the stories they release. Even though they usually do a thorough job with their reports they are famous for outrageous titles for their stories that take away from the stories content.

What Drives Traffic to the Blog?

TMZ has excellent search engine optimization because they have expanded the name they have made for themselves. TMZ is also very active and their Facebook page because they share each the story to the page. The writers offer polls on the website to get more customers engaged. They include a weekly recap to get the viewers opinions on the big stories of the week. They also offer a comment section at the end of every article where the reader can write and rate other comments that are left. I am subscribed to TMZ’s RSS feed and get an update every time they post a new story.


Is it a successful blog compared to the lecture? What’s missing?

Comparing the lecture requirements for a successful blog to TMZ, the qualifications match up perfectly. To start off, TMZ posts stories frequently, some of which are usually continuations of bigger stories. An example would be their constant updates on the Kim Kardashian robbery last week. They are active on their Twitter page with 4.24 million followers as well as their other social media pages. They always have engaging Twitter posts by including a poll, link or video. With the recent rise in popularity with Facebook Live, TMZ has begun doing live videos to make announcements or do a Q&A session. They have a larger following on Facebook  with with 6 million likes Their least active social media site is Instagram with one to two posts a day.  Each TMZ article page is so jam packed with information, I don’t think that the site is missing anything. However, I do think that there can be an improvement made in the content that they publish. As I stated before some of the content that is published is a continuation of a previous story but it should stop at a certain extent. An example would be the multiple stories they produced after the death of Prince. The latest articles were about his estate and property finances that are not relevant to readers. These stories tend to give the site a paparazzi news feel instead of a celebrity news site.

Are There Advertisers?

TMZ is owned by Time Warner so there are no listed advertisers. However, TMZ offers the opportunity to advertise on their website.  Current advertisements are the Huffington Post, local California news stations and US magazine.




The second blog site that follow is a popular wrestling site, Lordsofpain.net.  The site follows the world of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Total NonStop Action Wrestling (TNA), Indy shows and other Japan based organizations. LOP.net would be considered a recreational blog because it is a specifically for wrestling fans and it includes a combination of different sections for different types of wrestling fans. It ranges from backstage news, spoilers, injuries and a live running page that gives a breakdown of a WWE or TNA events that includes a comment section that engages their readers. The average show post gets around 500-1000 views, depending on the importance of the event.

What Makes it Unique and Brand Reflection

In the lecture, one of the top reasons for creating a blog is because it will give a voice to the brand and it establishes a personality. LOP.net has established it’s own brand name and worked its way up to becoming one of the top 25 wrestling blogs sites. They add unique qualities to their brand by creating a podcast that includes blogger created music and theme songs and their own podcast. The site includes a side widget on their site that includes previews to the podcast that they offer.

What Drives Traffic to the Blog?

Their general traffic is a result of their social media pages. They keep their call to action links posted on the sides and top of the page which includes their RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google + accounts. Their Twitter page is their most active site but has a lower following of over 10,000 people compared to their 44,000 likes on Facebook. However, they do not keep their Facebook and YouTube pages updated. The last post for Facebook was December 2015 and three years ago for YouTube.

Is it a Successful Blog Compared to the Lecture? What’s Missing?

Compared to the lecture, the LOP.net site also has a lot of similar qualities that would make them successful. The blog site is always including new content and frequent posts depending on the events of that day. They are very active on their Twitter account and also includes constant links to stories, their website or a related site and pictures. The only outlet of communication that the site is missing is contact information for the bloggers and the site administrators. The readers can only reach out to the admins through the comment sections of the articles and are not able to directly contact them for questions or concerns.