What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video streaming and viewing platform in which users can upload and share their videos and view, download and track other user videos.  The Vimeo user community is made up of tight nit groups that can present their work directly to their audience. Vimeo categories span from animation, arts, comedy, documentaries, fashion, food, journalism, sports, travel to name a few. The online site features a timeline of videos that is a combination of the new subscription videos and Vimeo staff picked films of the week.


Purpose and Features of Vimeo

Vimeo refers to their users as creators and as creators they have the opportunity through Vimeo to upload higher quality HD and 4K videos commercial free. The site offers users the chance to deliver their message specifically to the target community niche.

There are four tiers of membership accounts. The basic memberships is free to all users. That includes 500MB of weekly upload space, the ability to upload 10 videos a day and the ability to create one group, channel and three albums. Even with no commercial advertising before or after the videos, banner ads are still included with basic memberships. Users have the option to upgrade to a Vimeo Plus for $59.95 a year. This upgrades subscribers to advanced statistic feedback from their videos, private link sharing, unlimited groups, channels and albums and more in depth features. The most popular membership among filmmakers is Vimeo Pro. Vimeo Pro upgrades subscribers to videos with absolutely no banner ads, larger weekly video storage, VIP technical support, web tutorials and even more detailed viewership statistics. The final membership Vimeo Business is for ideal for any music or film companies that would have more than one person helping with a project. The business membership allows multiple users to collaborate and review work, give their feedback and also the ability to collaborate with other companies in the area or same network. Another feature is that it allows them to put their own logo to each embedded video player and shareable link. Also, the company would be able to find out what devices their content is getting viewed on.


History and Growth

Vimeo was launched by cofounders Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein in November 2004. According to the About Vimeo section, the site was created for filmmakers who wanted to share their creative work and personal moments from their lives. By the 2013, the site accumulated 400,000 subscriptions and reached 40 million dollars in revenue. This 60% revenue growth was obtained by higher tier subscription payments.  As a business, Vimeo has grown from the original two creators to over 200 employees at the New York headquarters. As of October 2016, Vimeo has grown to 35 million registered members, 715 million monthly views and 170 million viewers.

Target Audience and User Numbers

Vimeo is designed for a niche target audience creative and artistic individuals.  The key users of Vimeo are experienced or up and coming filmmakers and musicians. In my previous posts, I mentioned that through my internship, I have worked with filmmakers and a large majority of them have their gallery of videos on Vimeo exclusively. The target age range is 15-35 and predominantly males. The daily amount of users is according to the By the Numbers: Interesting Vimeo Facts article, Vimeo has over 500,000 premium tier users and a total 42 million users of the site. According to the Alexa Vimeo Traffic site , 24% of its users come from the United States.

How Does it Work?

To create a Vimeo account, a user must complete a profile and establish their channel. Once a new user creates an account they can choose a file to upload or  from a cloud system. The creator would be able to add the additional details, tags, captions, credits and thumbnails.



 Next, the video privacy can be set for everyone, only you or certain users you choose or users with a password.


After the video is up there are share link, download tab and  comment section located at the bottom under the video.


Blogmatics offers a helpful video for beginners on how to upload a video to the site.

Integration with other Social Channels

Vimeo videos can be shared over all social media platforms that allows videos to be embeded in the web page. A good example is actually this current platform, WordPress. WordPress offers Vimeography, a plugin feature that allows quick video importing and includes all the details that would be included on Vimeo on the WordPress page.

Is Vimeo mobile friendly?

Vimeo does have a mobile application with features similar to the online site.

The app contains:

  • Home page with a daily feed that including staff picks and subscribed channel videos


  • A tab with all the video categories and staff picks


  • A tab wtih a queue of user saved videos that you have saved, purchased and can be viewed offline


  • And the personal account and upload tab

Overall, the app has a simple layout and is very easy to use. Businesses would be able to easily 

What major companies are effectively using this channel?

Since Vimeo is mostly popular with up and coming filmmakers and musicians so there are few businesses that use Vimeo. Whole Foods had sucess with their channel, Dark Rye, with a compilation of six minute videos that promoted  healthy lifestyles and creating a sustainable future for the planet. Whole Foods has since stopped uploading videos to their Vimeo channel due to merging of their social media channels.

Relevant Facts

The advanced tier memberships for Vimeo allow the user to have private links so that the videos can only be available to people with the link or password to watch the video. This is both great to get the product out to people but it also hinders the video from being viewed on a larger level. This may be the idea that some users have who prefer to have their work stay in the “indie” film category and not intended to make profit for their work.

One aspect of Vimeo that users enjoy us that it is ad free. By that, it means opposed to YouTube that has pre roll ads before a sponsored video, Vimeo offer a ad free experiecne for your viewers. It also provides it’s members the insurace that no other competition video would run as the before or during their video.

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