Brief overview of ideas brands can use Snapchat for

Snapchat has made a great transformation during since its start in 2011. In its few years of existence Snapchat has gone from an app for friends to share silly pictures to an app that can includes filters, geotags, informational content and daily stories. I believe that brands can utilize Snapchat as a place to preview new products, display coupons, do Q&A sessions and many other opportunities bring attention to the brand. Many television channels, websites, magazines and sports organization the have established a permanent presence on the app with daily discover tabs.

I have seen brands like Taco Bell, Chipotle and celebrities that have established a brand for themselves. use Snapchat as a site for daily promotion. Taco Bell is one of my favorite brands to follow on social media. They organized the “Taco Bell News Team” and present weekly snapchat stories with their newest deals, products and creative recipes including Taco Bell products and household foods. The news crew even interacts with fans at Taco Bells in California and gives them gift cards for participating in their quizzes. Here’s an example of their Snapchat from when they counted down their followers to breakfast time in their area.


Two brand established celebrities that I follow are Jeffree Starr and Kylie Jenner. They use Snapchat for their personal use and as a platform to promote their newest products for their line. These example are from Kylie’s newest eyeshadow palette launch and Jeffree’s countdown to his lip scrub launch. They both often debut new products on Snapchat and conduct palette swatches for their viewers.

Brands are also able to promote items by using the filter/lenses option. Promoted filters appear during the first space in the list of the filters. During this weekend there was filters for the upcoming Tyler Perry Madea Halloween Movie and Lens Crafters eye event. By creating a filter, not only do brands have to opportunity to display their content to Snapchat’s 100 million active daily users about their product but they are engaging them in an entertaining way.


What did you think of Snapchat for this assignment? Have you used it before? For personal? For business? Thoughts on the platform?

I began using Snapchat during its earliest years in 2013. When there were no filters, no stickers and no stories. Only text on the screen was available.  Even with such few features, it was still a captivating app. I have always been a fan of Snapchat because they never fail to add entertaining content that I find amusing. Snapchat excels in leaving the user wanting more and making their new updates exciting and having users excited for the latest update. I’ve never used Snapchat for business purposes until this assignment but I think this would be a great platform to draw in the younger side of TBAE’s target audience. As explained in the Snapchat Guide,  71% of Snapchat users are under the age of 34. Snapchat was a great platform for this assignment to use for this assignment because it is easy to showcase another side of TBAE and other brands that use it. Snapchat can be used for TBAE to engage young viewers by promoting our upcoming shows and more about the company.

How would the Story you created be implemented in your brand’s campaign efforts?

The photos that I took for this particular campaign were designed to give our viewers a behind the scenes look at the studio and the staff. The pictures walk the viewers through the office and operations of the live show that TBAE produces each week. TBAE has recently moved downtown so I used a geofilter highlightthe move for users that may not have known. Had this been an actual published story for TBAE, I would have also included videos with more of the star of the live show Mario explaining the preparation for the show and possibly do a Q&A with questions from the Facebook or Twitter page. Cross promoting both channels can easily happen by providing the brand’s snap code on all social media accounts to bring in followers. Since none of TBAE’s competitors have a Snapchat, it would give them an opportunity to stand out with the content produced and easily corner their ideal target market.