What are the benefits to using proximity channels and other proximity marketing apps?

Proximity marketing is when businesses take advantage of cellular technology that their consumers have and use it to present their newest sale, promotion or their even a map with their location. Businesses can establish beacons in areas where their stores are present and entice customers with their deals and information based on that particular location. According to the Business Insider, beacons will influence 44 billion dollars in retail sales. If properly used a business can create customized creative content that acts as a digital billboard that can contain promotions, product recommendations or loyalty programs for frequent users. Proximity marketing apps came into play around 2014. They appealed to consumers who are already always on their phone and on social media. Everyone who wanted to inform their friends where they are and say whether they are having a good time or not could not do so with a picture of the location. Use of  types of proximity marketing apps are beneficial to businesses and consumers. It helps give companies a direct way to advertise to consumers, get real time feedback and analytics from their target demographics. It can also make the location an interactive destination for consumers, who benefit from any coupons or promotion and information learned. Facebook check ins premiered in 2010 and with the help of phone location services helped make it interesting for consumers to check in at their favorite place. I personally remember the excitement that was shared among my Facebook friends during the first few months. Everyone wanted to let people know where they were and how much they enjoyed it by checking in at their favorite spot during the week. That platform has even evolved include an image of their flight plan to and from their destination if they check in at an airport.

How do you think wearables may influence proximity marketing strategies?

Wearable Smart technology made it’s debut in 2014 with the first Apple watch and android  LG G watch. Since then, the idea has expanded, been copied by different brands and formed in different designs which can be viewed in the top 50 models list.. Wearable technology is a great channel for proximity marketing because it can be the direct source that drives a consumer into making an immediate purchase and can also be used to inform customers of important updates. In this week’s reading What is Proximity Marketing? and Top 25 Proximity Marketing Campaigns in Retail both listed Macy’s and Tesco as companies who excel in their proximity marketing efforts. Tesco, a grocery store chain in the United Kingdom, established proximity beacons that informed users of exclusive coupons and if their orders were ready for pick up all through messages directly delivered to their phone. Their beacons were also used to offer coupons to consumers for the debut of the Pink and Black Magnum ice cream bar flavors when they enter a Tesco. Macy’s used push notifications to tell users about sales and encourage them to participate in the mobile experience for a chance to one win million dollars in Macy’s gift codes and prizes.


Tell about a time when you have taken advantage of a proximity marketing offer directed at you.

I encounter proximity marketing daily, most often when I’m near one of the stores or restaurants I frequent. In this example, I was in the area of my local Chipotle, scroll down my Facebook timeline,  and I immediately saw their latest Chorizo promotion,  a map telling me how close I am to the restaurant and a link to their new game via a carousel ad. I have been a fan Chipotle as a brand because of the social media presence and good promotions they have maintained. Their latest major promotion was in form of a matching card game. If the user wins, they automatically get a buy one get one promo code. I immediately played the game, won and quickly got my reward at that Chipotle.  I have also seen the same type of ads pop up on other social media platforms in the form of a sponsored ad. Generally, the sponsored ads are relevant to the store near my current location.

Find an example of a proximity marketing approach your client could take advantage of and outline your plan.

TBAE is located in downtown Tampa and is in the same proximity of many local bars and restaurants. To tie back my TBAE app idea, TBAE can send push notifications to the app subscribers  and let them know the latest deals, drinks specials or events that were going on downtown. Proximity beacons will be established around the downtown area and alert subscribers of  coupons and promos for downtown businesses. The alerts can feature content from all over downtown or get narrowed down to only show the deals for businesses within a block of where the user is. The app can include exclusive QR codes which can scanned for coupons and a direct link to the businesses website or Facebook page.