A content community is defined by Scribble Live as a turnkey platform that allows your audience, fans, and readers to easily send in images and videos of breaking news, weather, sports, community events and other topics of interest. Brands can use content communities as gateways to interact with their consumers. Content communities allow for brands to find a common interest among their consumers, have them upload their own photos or video, moderate their feedback and allow them to create their own community of readers or followers. The Moz content community blog listed video, images, long form artices and data visalization as ways that for brands extend thir reach. I have used content communities like Pinterest and Flickr for previous assignments so I am familiar with both sites. However, I was not aware of all the benefits that these sites could provide to a brand and their consumers.  In my opinion, community content is so valuable to brands because they come in so many different forms like videos, podcasts  These are an opportunity for the brand to produce quality work and have a creative way to get an idea across to the audience.

tbae pin.PNG

For TBAE campaign, I chose Pinterest to showcase their program content and Flickr for Downtown Tampa events that relates to the channel app idea I created. I chose to create a pin board under my own account separate from the original TBAE Pinterest page. The Pinterest board I created features pictures of flyers and video trailers all previous and upcoming program series that the channel offers and information about TBAE. I chose the Flickr account to act as an extension that would take users to the mobile version of the site and inform them of what is taking place in Downtown Tampa that week. The pictures that were included in this project shows what Downtown Tampa has to offer in general. If this was a weekly publishing for the channel there would be pictures of the upcoming weekly events happening.